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Organic Tempeh Lasagne

Serving for one

A traditional lasagne made with organic, locally made Tempeh and creamed spinach

Provençale Aubergine and Courgette Ratatouille

Serving for one

A traditional southern French ratatouille, topped with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese

Delica Pumpkin Risotto, Roasted Ricotta with Red Currant

Serving for one

A seasonal risotto, finished with roasted Delica pumpkin puree, topped with roasted ricotta pieces and red currant.

Tandoori Spiced Cod, Savoy Cabbage, Lemon Confit and Caramelised Almonds

Serving for one

Flaked marinated spiced cod on a bed of savoy cabbage simmered with lemon confit and topped with caramelized almonds.

Miso Style Yuzu Salmon, Steamed Bok Choi Cabbage and Pickled Ginger

Serving for one

Marinated filet of salmon in a soya and yuzu glaze served with steamed bok choi.

Hosanna Fish Pie

Serving for one

One of our signature dishes with a twist! Cod, scallops and brown shrimps topped with a buttery fresh turmeric mashed potato.

Half Lobster Mac and Cheese


Serving for one

A rich and flavourful classic, Comté cheese and macaroni with an indulgent addition of half a British blue lobster in every portion.

16 Hour Braised Lamb Shoulder, Spiced Bulgur and Roasted Peppers


Serving for one

A melt in your mouth piece of braised Organic lamb shoulder topped with some spiced bulgur cooked with the lamb sauce and spices.

Beldi Lemon Organic Chicken Thighs Fricassée, Nocellara Olives with Saffron Roasted Fennel

Serving for one

A Mediterranean Fricassée of organic chicken and saffron spiced roasted fennel.

Mash Topped Beef Short Rib Pie
Gluten Free

Serving for one

Grass fed British beef, slow cooked for 12 hours makes this indulgent pie filling, topped with buttery whipped potatoes with just a sprinkling of parmasan cheese.

Minted Lamb en Croûte

Serving for two to four

A delicious loin of British Lamb covered in a minted chicken mousseline, wrapped in a buttery flaky puff pastry accompanied with a split homemade, lamb gravy. This seasonal dish is mouth-wateringly delectable in taste and the perfect centerpiece for your meal. Originally added to the menu as a Spring dish, but soon became our best seller so we have added it to our permanent menu.

Cassolette of Organic Chicken with Morels

Serving for one

A fricassée of British organic chicken thighs , in a creamy Morrel mushroom sauce scented with tarragon.



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