We support ethical suppliers

We support local and ethical suppliers

We only use the freshest, finest, ethically sourced ingredients from primarily local suppliers and our menu will adapt in order to include seasonal ingredients to support our British farmers.

It is our primary objective to use local sourced British produce, we also source the finest sustainable ethical suppliers who farm using a combination of modern and traditional practices all over the world such as our olive oil from Greece and Wild Vanilla from Flores Island.

Pale Green Dot

Our fresh fruit and vegetables are supplied by pale green dot, a sustainably driven fresh food company. Pale green dot work with partner farms across the South East of England to source local, seasonal and sustainably grown produce. They supply produce to restaurants in London and also deliver veg boxes to homes across the South East.

They are working to close the food loop in the hospitality industry by creating a circular food economy: recycling food and commercial waste then distributing the by-product created by the food waste recycling (a fertile digestate) back to farms to use as fertiliser to grow next seasons crops.

Rhug Estate Organic Farm

The Rhug Estate farm was certified organic by The Soil Association in 2000. It is a self-contained field-to-plate operation that follows the highest animal welfare standards. It does not routinely drench (administer drugs by mouth) or inject its animals, and avoids handling them. It all helps minimise stress and rear happy animals, which produce the best meat.

The farm also benefits from rich organic pastures that their animals are free to graze on with almost no interruption. They live life as nature intended with minimal stress and the highest quality of life which is all monitored by the governing body, The Soil Association.

The Estate Dairy

The Estate Dairy is a collective of young passionate individuals dedicated to producing the highest quality milk and cream. They source the richest milk from the Chew Valley, which is located right in the heart of the Bristol countryside. The milk and cream is produced from Guernsey cows which gives it a unique golden colour and a beautiful rich flavour.

The herd is farmed sustainably on over 500 acres of idyllic Somerset pastures and close attention is paid to the cow’s nutrition and diet which contributes heavily to the flavour of their dairy. The unique farming system yields a high protein milk that deserves to be as unprocessed as possible, so the milk and creams are unhomogenised to best preserve their dairy’s goodness.

The Zazou Emporium

The Zazou Emporium source and supply ethically sourced vanilla pods of the highest quality from around the world.

This is “Wild” Vanilla foraged by the indigenous forest communities. Their approach revives the tradition of forest gardening which causes no deforestation or clearing of land for agriculture. This Vanilla is grown on naturally regenerating forest and provides an annual income to communities while helping restore degraded forest ecosystems.

Messinian Treasure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Messinian Treasure Organic early harvest extra virgin olive oil (Agoureleo) is a superior category of olive oil obtained directly from Koroneiki variety olives and solely by mechanical means. The early harvesting of the olives produces a much lower yield but a much higher quality olive oil.

It has an intense greenish colour due to the high chlorophyll content, strong fruity flavour and rich texture.